Author Topic: Professor Oak Challenge - Yellow Version (Can be done in any Pokemon game)  (Read 47 times)


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Alright time to post a update. I took on my rival before catching any Pokemon, to get 5 free Poke Balls from Professor Oak, it does take a bit more time to do so but free items are a plus. The only fully evolved Pokemon I have at this point is Butterfree, but it's the quickest to get in the game. I have a Nidorino, and I'm working on my female Nidoran right now. She's at level 13, so only three more levels until she evolves! Then of course I'll have to wait to evolve the Nido's until I get moon stones. I caught a Pidgey, but also caught a Pidgeotto in the forest so I released my Pidgey. After female Nidoran evolves, the next Pokemon I'll work on will be Ratatta, following Spearow. I'm at exactly 3 hours in, and my Pokedex is 12. I've caught all the Pokemon I can in the area of course.


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