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Title: Challenge Rules
Post by: Ravenfreak on February 22, 2019, 05:45:19 pm
With the forum rules comes the challenge rules. I think these are important enough to be separated from the forum rules. Anyways these don't specifically go for certain games, but are general rules of the challenge section of the board.

1. Post your own topic for the challenge you are working on. You can post in other people's topics talking about the challenge, but refrain from posting updates in other member's topics.

2. Post the rules of the challenge in your first post, even if the challenge is being worked on by another member. New members may not see older topics, and therefore may not know the exact rules of the challenge.

3. Be sure screenshots are hosted on a appropriate image hosting site. Do not post screenshots or video clips as attachments here.

4. Please tell us if you've abandoned a challenge. This is just for the moderators to delete old topics that are abandoned, to clear the forum. If you do come back to finish your challenge at a later date, please notify a member of staff and we can unlock your old topic.
Good luck with your challenges!